Everyone loves going to parties. It is in this festivity that they get to interact with other people and make acquaintances. It is during these times that people enjoy themselves in the company of others. When someone throws a party, they would like to have it as unique as possible so that it would be memorable for the guest rather than just a usual party where everything is predictable and thus, become boring. In order for a party to be memorable to the guests, first, every party has their own theme. The moment that a theme is set, it is where all other ideas suitable for the theme would come in. It is after the formulation of the theme that the other things needed for the party will be decided on. Starting from the invitations, the food, the costume to be worn by the attendees, the music to be played during the event, the table settings and the beverage to be served. Everything has to be synchronized and coordinated and if possible perfect in order to make it an occasion to remember.

For a typical Cuban party, it is quite similar with Latin or Mexican style. The food usually served would be comprised of veggies and black beans or other legumes. Meat and other spices would also be preferred for the occasion. As for appetizers, nothing can be more delicious than tamales. This food made of a spiced mashed mixture of meats or vegetables and corn meal which is then wrapped with corn husk will have nothing to be refused for. For the music in the festivities, string instruments like the guitar and percussion are among the preferred ones. The typical festivity would most likely have a cool ambiance under a rumba rhythm. However, in order not to make it sound like an old school, there is salsa to spice up the night. For the table setting, khaki burlap cut in the seams would be great especially if accompanied by maracas which serve as a torch for every table of the guests. Aside from the maracas for the torch, some would have brighter ideas of placing large candle vases with coffee beans inside it together with the white candles to have a different aroma when the candles are lit. In addition to that, some would place white orchid branches, some exotic flowers and some palm leaves will give a touch of tropical feel.

Attending to a Cuban party is fun considering the preparation that is being made for the said occasion. Although every festivity varies from one country another together with their tradition, a tropical party like it is one of a kind. It is not considered as a simple festivity but rather a classy one. It need not to be expensive because the resources can just be found in This is all that comprises the Cuban party. If  the Cuban party that you are to attend do have all these, then you're set. It will be a perfect occasion you shouldn't miss!
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