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Parties at home and in the office can seem normal after the same old beverages of sodas, teas and cocktail drinks coupled with the same old chips, cakes and appetizers are served. A new exciting theme must be discovered, so to speak, to inject fun, fun, fun into the party. Well, you are in luck because here are coffee parties to the rescue. Yes, indeed, coffee is the best theme for parties for many reasons.

Pancakes, bacon and boiled egg with a choice of rich café con leche homebrewed Cuban coffee; espresso is an awesome and refreshing breakfast for you and your family and you will gain energy for the whole day. If you are planning to organize a party in your home then never forgets to add coffee in your menu and that will be different according to the party time like cappuccinos and lattes are best for the lunch coffee parties and a creamy flavored coffee with light dessert choice is best for night parties. 

Different types of coffee you possibly can make in any type of coffee pot are as varied since the types. Cowboy caffeine, gourmet espresso, Turkish coffee, no matter where you stand in the planet, you can easily bet that there are coffee generally there.

I hope you will like this but if ever you visit Cuba then you must visit Topes de Collantes and never miss the chance to enjoy one of these Yansels’ superb coffee recipes


It is one of the oldest coffees of Cuba which is used as medicine for healing of cold. It is very easy to prepare it take a hot cup of Cuba espresso coffee, for flavor add some honey in it, put few Cuban  eau-de-vie some ginger and then finally some ground coffee and enjoy very sip of it.

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 Think about time sitting down with buddy's enjoying this fantastic game of Cuban Dominoes, enjoying a Mojito while talking about lifestyle and hearing to some Cuban Mambo in the backdrop; I have just explained the standard Cuban way the Cuban people enjoy's dominoes with their buddies. The dominoes game is called as the national game of Cuba. For many people, the dominoes game is an everyday social occasion that includes tournaments with friends. You have often seen individuals enjoying games in amusement parks and other public places
The Dominoes game has performed all over in Latin America, but it was originated by the Arabs, Egyptians and Chinese a hundred of years ago.  Then Italian people introduced this game in Cuba, France and Spain. Cuban Dominoes are a worldwide game, which has millions of lovers, irrespective of age group, race or gender. Although the standard rule states that discussing is not permitted during play, this rule is usually not followed by Cubans where the activity becomes noisy, vibrant and interesting in beat with the enjoyment of Cubans.

Cuban Dominoes
The Cuban Dominoes activity is little bit distinct from the regular standard dominoes game. The Cuban Dominoes starts from number 0 to 9 and it consists of fifty five tiles and but the standard domino game is from number 0 to 6 and it consists of 28 tiles. There are Dominoes competitions happens all over the world and these days you can play this game online.
As the size of this game of Dominoes and the size of its tiles are smaller and its case is small in size, you can carry this game along with you anywhere. From functions to family parties to the local community dominoes’ club, the activity of Cuban Dominoes is the best entertainment to chill out and have a great time with your buddies.
Again, next time when you wish to have a small gathering along with your buddies, develop it a “Dominoes’ Mojito Evening”. All you have to do is to play games of Cuban Dominoes, have Mojito cocktails, salsa jazz music for the backdrop music and let the activity commence sort of speaking. Rely on me your party will become a topic of talk of the city simply because your buddies are going to plan such a great time enjoying the fantastic and interesting game of Cuban Dominoes’ that they will most likely replicate you and organize a Cuban Dominoes’ Gathering of their own.

Cuban Dominoes’ are readily available in a lot of styles and package in in different ways just for individuality, but the game continues to have the identical guidelines as before. The Cuban traditions like to vary a little from tighter regulations, in order to spend a great time while playing.Enjoyable, interesting and a very pleasurable the Cuban Dominoes’ is the ideal and perfect small game to have, enjoy or give it as a present to your buddies. And you will love it so much that you will definitely want to be a part of a Domino team and play competitions.
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Cuban Dominoes